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will stunt the ability of their generation to be educated. i am more concerned on their behalf that austerity measures will lead to slower economic growth and a consequence to a higher gdp ratio and more pressure in terms of higher tax burdens in the future. those concerns come out of the proper management and current conditions seems to me to be a larger concern for the long run and the concern that somehow unstable policy starting from where we are now will stunt the opportunities that are open. obviously starting at a different place, i would reach a different judgment, but starting with the united states for much of europe or the industrialized world is today seems to me the risks of profound stagnation are more pressing concern than the risks of a resurrection of stagnation. >> i am not a gold freak, the work unhappiness to which it is sitting in the front row strikes me as extremely relevant. this being said, again from engineering, it is very hard to see how europe is going to get out of its fiscal mess in particular. maintaining some substantial goals in the two decades and so i think
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1